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We are here for you – we will navigate the healthcare and legal systems for you.  We will provide you with unbias personal representation and professional advocacy, from experts with decades of experience in both the clinical healthcare setting and the legal field.

About Us

Work done well, by experts in the medical and legal field – providing you with the ability to make informed decisions, with a personal touch that focuses on your needs. That’s our commitment!  Our team is comprised of both a physician and nurse, with experience in patient advocacy, clinical practice and health law.

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can customize a path forward that make sense to you.  Our team has over 50 years of expertise in acute patient care delivery and patient advocacy, with a strong understanding of the health care system, legal standards, and patient / health education. Our advocates are unique – both are bedside clinicians, healthcare experts, and legal professionals that stand by your side with an unmatched level of expertise across both systems.

Products and Services

Whether you need patient health advocacy services, or are at the point where you need legal consultation, we customize our services to meet your needs.

  • Patient and family education.
  • Disease / medical condition research.
  • Medical directives planning.
  • Health records acquisition and review.
  • Assistance at medical appointments.
  • Assistance with second opinions and legal resources.
  • Medication education, insurance billing review, and therapy planning / assessment.
  • Mediate health decisions and oversee log term admissions.

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you. Contact us for an initial consultation.

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Based in Wilmington, serving Delaware – statewide, and the surrounding areas.

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